For almost thirty years I have been flying round the world capturing images. Today I work mainly as an industrial photographer, particularly experienced in Oil and Gas , as I love the challenge of transforming huge worksites into beautiful graphic photographs. My clients are both huge international corporations and small private companies.

I started off my photographic career as a News photographer based in Cairo, covering wars, conflicts, coups d’etats, famine and world events all over the Middle East and Africa. I worked for AP, AFP, Newsweek, Sunday Times and Sipa Press, quickly becoming a staff photographer for US News and World Report. I moved to Rome, then Paris and travelled the world. Followed two US Presidents, got thrown in jail, beaten up, survived some incredible experiences and realised that it was time for change.

As well as contributing to many major magazines, I began to work for advertising agencies and corporations, particularly enjoying industrial photography which has become my speciality today. With the Middle East and Africa being so easily accessible from France, and with all the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years, these destinations are the ones that I am most frequently sent to.

Certificates and qualifications :

A degree in Fine Arts obtained in Italy.

I am in possession of a valid ‘Basic offshore safety induction and emergency training certificate’ obtained in Aberdeen, Scotland.

A certificate of proficiency in video at the ‘Ecole des Gobelins’ in Paris – achieved in 2010.

A number of prizes over the years including one for coverage of Colonel Muahmar Ghaddafi.